No-man Radio Sessions CD sleeve download page

This is an unofficial Cover for No-man's Radion Sessions (1992-1996) CD. Don't know what that is? Go here and and find out.

There are two version of the sleeve. One contains many of the recording details, the other is a plain version that just contains the track listing. The plain version may print better on black and white printers.

If you use the sleeve a quick mail to me would be nice. Constructive Criticism would be nicer. A request for more would be perfect!.

Note that the images should be printed at 300 dpi, otherwise they will print out much bigger than expected.

Version with recording details:
Download Front (845 KB) and Back (728KB)

Plain version:
Download Front (626KB) and Back (664KB)

If you have any problems downloading or printing (or if you think a black and white version with a smaller download time would be useful, again feel free to mail me.